Since all of our jewelry is handmade, there may be slight irregularities, making each piece absolutely unique. Because we only use natural gemstones, there may be slight differences in size, shape and color.

Makaro Gold consists of a 14 carat gold-plating on a brass core. In contrast to 98% of all jewelry labels, who use chemical gold-plating for their jewelry, we do things differently. At Makaro, instead of taking the chemical route, we apply our gold layer mechanically. This way, zero toxins are needed, as well as minimal water consumption. This method makes our jewelry not only much more sustainable but also much more durable! With its up to 100x thicker gold layer, your Makaro pieces will last you for years to come.

Each Makaro piece is designed in Vienna and handmade in the heart of Budapest in a fair and sustainable way. All of our jewelry is 100% free of heavy metals and allergenic substances. 80% of the gold we use stems from recycled sources.

Made with love, for everyday wear. Since our gold layer is 100x thicker than usual gold platings, all Makaro pieces are water resistant or even 100% waterproof. Further information can be found in the respective product description.

100% waterproof: Jewelry such as rings, earrings or cuffs marked as 100% waterproof can be worn permanently. No pool water, daily shower or even dip in the sea can harm these pieces.

Water resistant: Jewelry with delicate chains or delicate gemstones are water resistant. This means they can withstand a quick dip in the pool, sea or a quick shower. However, we do recommend taking them off for everyday personal hygiene, sports, extended baths and when using lotions.

We offer a 24-month warranty on all Makaro pieces starting on the date of purchase. Our warranty covers all manufacturing errors and defects. It does not cover scratches, damage caused by external impact (bent jewelry, broken chains, bands or broken parts), staining, improper storage, unauthorized modifications and wear and tear.